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Commercial Clearances

A clear out just became a lot easier...

Whether you’re undertaking a business relocation, vacating premises at the end of your tenancy, or need a commercial clearance in preparation for a refit, Woods` Clearance service can take care of it. With a range of vehicles at our disposal, our clearance experts will take the load off your shoulders. With us, you’ll be in the hands of a trusted company, offering a tailored service determined by your requirements.

Commercial Clearances
clearing out commercial spaces

Big or small commercial space we have you covered

We understand the process of clearing out commercial spaces can be a stressful task, that’s why we follow procedures to make your service comfortable for you. We have the equipment and expertise to remove all items and dispose of them in the correct way to not cause any disruptions. The only thing we ask is that we don’t dispose of any hazardous items that you might be holding.

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