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Woods Removals provides long and short distance domestic removals and storage (including piano removals). Whether you’re moving from Northumberland to Redcar or across the country, we can do that for you. To arrange a home removals quote, give us a call, or complete the contact form by clicking the button below.

Woods Removals has been moving homes for generations. We know that every one of our customers has different needs, which is why no two moves are ever the same. Whatever your situation, we offer a comprehensive menu of moving services, which means we can personalise the entire move to suit your needs, your timescale and your budget.

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Get a quote

Contact Woods, and arrange a suitable time and date for a move consultant to visit your home or to give you a phone call that suits you. Our move consultant will visit your home or guide you on the phone and will speak with you to get a clear understanding of the removals services you need, assess and measure your belongings and identify your wrapping and packing requirements.

Receive your quote

The paperwork you receive after the visit will include the costs for your move and a schedule of activities on move day. If appropriate, your move quotation will include a list of options for you to consider. Take some time to read the removals quotation and our move plan. Consider and compare the costs of the options that have been recommended. If there is any queries during this process, don't be afraid to ask. We are happy to help during every step of this process, which we know can be quite stressful.

The big day

Once an appointment has been booked, our team will be preparing for your big day. We have a team full of expertise and experience so that it is as stress free as it possibly can be for you. We understand moving anything can be a hassle, that's why Woods can help you with any last minute packing. We always have equipment on hand supplied by our trusted packing partner. Check them out below for some amazing prices on reliable packing equipment.

Completed Removal

After the removal is completed, our team will help remove all goods and place all items where you want them. We thrive on positive feedback and we ask all customers to give us a review. All of our services are the best of standard for our customers so we ask before you even get a quote to check out our long list of positive reviews.

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